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Steptime Ware is networked with associates worldwide, which provides comprehensive support for computer music products to resellers in North America.

From Bellingham, WA, USA, SteptimeWare serves hundreds of resellers throughout the U.S. & Canada.

Our Staff...

Owner Doug E. Smith has decades of experience with pianos, organs, synthesizers, computer music, video, & audio systems.

He left the executive world in 2002 to open SteptimeMedia, a consulting and sales company of video production & presentation equipment. In 2005, he added SteptimeWare to supply computer music products & hands-free devices to resellers.

Doug plays keyboards.

Associate Raphael Rodriguez has created music tracks for games, performed in bands, and run marathons... not at the same time.

He joined SteptimeWare in April 2008, managing sales for resellers who rely on his expertise in computer music products.

Raphael plays guitar very, very well.

SteptimeWare actively trains people in music technology, as well as the basics in business... from sales to shipping.

SteptimeWare has a network of associates worldwide that provide a global perspective to music technology trends.

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